Sky High With Your Rabbit Sex Toy

Getting ready to take that trip of your dreams, maybe you’re going on spring break, or your honeymoon. One thing is for sure girls; you aren’t leaving without your rabbit sex toy! If you want this vacation to be relaxation station, then traveling with your sex toy is a must. Some women fear of having their luggage checked, and their dildos pulled out for the world to see. If you’re careful and follow the advice I’ve given below, you should be perfectly fine to travel 딜도 with that vibrating toy of yours.

First things first, when traveling with your sex toy make sure to remove all batteries if possible. Some of you have rechargeable batteries, and just make sure that your dildo is turned off! Not only can you waste batteries, but will draw much attention when your luggage is vibrating! Also, just to note at the security check points sometimes electronic items, including ones with batteries are detected. Although, your rabbit sex toy is by no means a threat to our national security, it could still be means for having your luggage checked. So take out those batteries ladies and store them away.

A good travel case for your rabbit sex toy is a must. Not only do these plush cases protect your dildo from any damage happening to them, but they can keep those personal things hidden from the eyes of a stranger. Such cases can be found online in many sex toys stores, coming in a variety of colors and sizes. Find one that fits your dildo nicely and leaving enough space to move around. The great thing about these cases is you can use them when you’re not traveling as well, to keep those toys stored in a discreet place. If for some reason you cannot find a toy case, or you’re leaving for a last min trip and must take your dildo, try using a wrapped up t-shirt, or even a pair of socks works – as long as they are clean!

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