Some Basic Mistakes That Web Designers Should Not Make While Web Designing

Web designing is a process of representing dynamic web content graphically to build a visually appealing website. Majority of web designers commit some common set of mistakes while web-designing. In such a creative field, mistakes are good to take place because errors are the most efficient tool of 웹하드  learning. In fact, mistakes sometimes acts as a milestone in the field of web-designing. But, there are some basic mistakes which almost every web designers used to do while designing a web portal that might let them get down in front of clients. Below, hard-boiled discussion had been done on many key mistakes which every designers should strictly avoid. Lets have a look:

Avoid unreadable fancy fonts: There are some fonts that can really give a website sophisticated look but are not readable. The intend behind making a web portal is to simply convey the message in the form of content to online prospective visitors. Therefore, a web-designer should avoid the use of tiny and unreadable fonts.

No to badges: Nobody can deny this fact that badges used to make a look of web portal extremely unprofessional. So, it is quite advisable to place recognition badges basically on “About Us” page to make the look of site clean and professional.


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