A Manager’s Guide to Planning a Successful Corporate Event  

A Manager’s Guide to Planning a Successful Corporate Event  

For employees, corporate events are simply a bit of fun… the chance to socialize and talk with their workmates about something other than work, and perhaps have a beer before 5 o’clock! For those on the organizing side of corporate events in Melbourne, they are a little trickier. Unique corporate events in Melbourne such as    perfume workshop singapore,     go karting are becoming extremely popular and this article provides a handy guide for managers and organizers everywhere to help deal with the logistics and planning of their corporate event, both beforehand and on the day.

Separate tasks and Delegates for planning the event

Most planners advise having a measurable goal for your corporate event in Melbourne… even if it’s as simple as making sure that 95% of attendees have fun! However, it will simplify things greatly if the goal setting, managerial planning and evaluation functions are separated from logistics (though they should certainly consult each other). Depending on the size of your event, it may help to appoint assistants to look after a different area of your event such as food, beverages, entertainment or for Go karting, organizing each team.

This ensures each area gets the proper attention so that the sum of these parts runs smoother. For example, your company social club head can be in charge of RSVPs, your human resource manager in charge of communicating policies for the day, etc.

Set up an employee consultation phase and set some goals

Rather like the public consultation phase that a local council initiates before doing major works, you should also share a planned agenda and guidelines for the event, especially larger events. For example; whether partners of staff are allowed to attend. Note any widespread concerns or possible issues, and adjust the plans for your event accordingly. In the case of Go karting, try and gauge your staffs level of enthusiasm about the idea. Often setting some goals for the event and the outcomes you would like can ensure you stay on track in the planning phase.

Review proposals

Go karting sounds like a simple day out for a – but it is still advisable to check in with several venues and get written proposals and ideas. Look for a track that can tailor a karting day to your budget and needs, can brand the venue to match your company materials, and offer catering in-house to greatly simplify your day.

Event Agenda and Considerations

Think about the go kart racing format that will achieve the best results for your corporate event in Melbourne. Your aim is for eveyone to have fun so somethings must be considered;

  • Will you implement handicaps?
    • Do you have a way to ensure that everybody gets as much track time as each other?
    • Will you be handing out prizes? You might like to consider handing out prizes for people in the middle or bottom of the scoreboard, or for those who came the closest to getting a particular lap time, to ensure thqat all skills levels are rewarded.


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