How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Made by Parents with Adult Children Living at Home

Whether they’ve never left the nest or, like so many in the “boomerang generation, they’re returning home after some time away, you’re likely struggling to find ways to make the relationship with your 성인용품 children living at home work. The good news is, grown-up kids can live successfully at home – but only if you avoid some critical mistakes right from the start (or correct them right away!).

1. Encouraging rebellion by taking up parenting right where you left off

It may be hard to remember sometimes, but adult children living at home are still adults. A sure way to set yourself up for conflict is to over-parent them.

Adults who are over-parented and over-supervised will rebel as quickly as teenagers, so you need to develop some strategies to establish a new adult-to-adult relationship – quick!

2. Stealing your child’s independence by giving them a “free ride”

It can be very tempting to try to help your “boomerang” kids by covering all of their living expenses – especially if they’ve returned home after a personal crisis like losing a job or the end of a relationship.

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