Advice for responsible slot gambling from an ex-addict 

Hi there, I’m Clive Owen and I have endured a pretty terrible few decades all because of my inability to handle my slot gambling addiction. It took me a long time to get over this, and it really made me realise how incredibly dangerous slot gambling addictions can be, especially in the modern world where it has never really been easier to pick up an online slot game due to the fact you can play them on your laptop, desktop or even mobile phone – click and play Mr Luck

Regardless, I always enjoyed slot gambling in the 20th century, however because I did not live near a casino my gambling was restricted to when I went on holiday mainly, so it wasn’t that much of a problem. This all changed when I found out about the new world of online slots, and very quickly I was spinning those reels for several hours a day. A slot gambling addiction isn’t something you want, believe me, so I have compiled a bit of advice for responsible slot gambling. 

Always set an online slot gambling budget 

One thing that I was always guilty of when I was in the midst of my slot gambling addiction was not even taking the time to set myself a gambling budget before jumping on the slots, and believe me this is incredibly dangerous. You really need to set a budget, because in doing so you are also setting a series of artificial limits on the amount you can gamble. With a budget if you spend it all you know that this is the end of your current session, but without one things could go on indefinitely. 

Seriously, you really do not want to know how much money I ended up spending during slot gambling sessions, simply because I didn’t set a budget first. Not only will doing this help safeguard you from addiction, but it will also stop you from going too far into the red. 

Make sure you have other hobbies 

Another thing that I was definitely guilty of after a while was not really having any other hobbies apart from slot gambling, and again this is quite a dangerous position to be in. Just think about it: without any other hobbies it is incredibly hard to give yourself a reason to do anything but play slots, so you need to make sure that there are other things that you enjoy doing too. 

So get out and about, pick up a sport or musical instrument, anything that is going to distract you from the urge to keep playing online slots whenever you can. 

Do not trade slot gambling for seeing friends and family 

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice I am going to give you today: never ever trade seeing friends and family for a bit of slot gambling. It just isn’t worth it, I almost ruined my relationship with my family during my addiction, but luckily they were always there for me regardless.

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