Solar Drying Food – Use the Sun to Make Your Own Treats! Make Your Own Solar Dryer!

One of the delights of planting is continually having an excess toward the finish of the developing season to offer away to companions and family members. How might you want to figure out how to get dried out your own food so you can appreciate the new taste of your nursery in the cold of winter? Practically any vegetable that can be whitened and frozen, alongside most leafy foods, can be dried and taken care of for a half year or more and still hold their delightful flavor freeze dryer.


The least complex technique for drying food is:


  1. Cut the food into little, equivalent size pieces.


  1. Either dunk the pieces into an acidic arrangement (citrus juice, and so on) or whiten them which improves the quality.


  1. Put the food in your dryer in single layers and turn depending on the situation until they are finished.


How done will be finished? Organic products are viewed as done when they are delicate and rugged while spices and vegetables are viewed as done when they become fresh. Be that as it may, there are no immovable guidelines with regards to drying food varieties. You can test by putting flavors on vegetables and sugars on natural products to improve the flavor. Your tastebuds are the cutoff!


You have a few alternatives for a dryer. You can purchase an electric food dehydrator or make your own utilizing the force of the sun. The advantage of an electric dehydrator is that you can utilize it whenever, anyplace as long as you approach power. A few models are likewise a lot quicker than sun based units, however the expenses can be restrictive (up to $200 or more).


Cheap options can be just about as straightforward as draping new spices in your window on a radiant day, or sun drying things on an aluminum treat sheet, to building a sun powered food dryer with things you can generally discover in your home. It very well may be pretty much as straightforward as making a receptacle with an old window as the top. There are numerous approaches to assemble a sun based unit to dry your food, you simply need to sort out which is best for you and your spending plan. I once knew a lady who utilized stackable preparing racks to dry her nursery surplus on her back deck.


The advantages of drying food varieties are in abundance. Drying food varieties holds their nourishment esteem better compared to canning. Freezing your food is just probably as equivalent to drying with regards to dietary substance, except for natural product. Dried organic product “thinks” the sugar content, so when eating dried organic product in the spot of new, you should slice the segment down the middle. Dried vegetables like peas, potatoes, corn, and green beans make an incredible base for stews/soups/chowders in the wintertime.

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