Girl Scout Cookies and Blind Spots

Jim Rohn shares a tale about the day that a Girl Scout thumped on his entryway and inquired as to whether he would get a few treats. He advised her, “No, I’ve effectively gotten a few” and he shut the entryway. It was the day that turned his life around. Why? Since he understood he had quite recently deceived a Girl Scout, and you can’t get a lot of lower than misleading a Girl Scout! He hadn’t purchased treats as of now – it was that he didn’t have two dollars, and he understood the time had come to fix things in his day to day existence.

The first occasion when I heard Jim Rohn share that story I had done the very same thing around fourteen days prior. It hit me like a two-by-four that I expected to roll out certain improvements in my day to day existence as well. As a certification of that I chose right then that I could never deny a Girl Scout again. I share what an effect that had on me when I do my live workshops. In this specific course there was a 13 year-old Girl Scout named Amy in the crowd.

Likewise, during my live courses I generally show to individuals how their reasoning, their self-viability and their mental self portrait can make vulnerable sides that will make them unequipped for seeing freedoms around them. I explicitly utilize an illustration of those individuals that figure they can’t sell, don’t care to sell or have negative generalizations about selling as often as possible will convince possibilities not to purchase without realizing that they do it, how they do it, or why they do it. They generally decipher it as the possibility’s opposition, when truth be told they do it to themselves dependent on their own assumptions.

I had a lady sitting in the first column who was in deals that passionately denied she had at any point done something like this – she had never convinced anybody not to purchase! On the off chance that they didn’t get, it wasn’t her flaw! Incidentally, she was the mother of the 13 year-old Girl Scout and she was facilitating a potluck supper in her home after the workshop – I was joining in.

Clearly Amy didn’t miss a thing in the course on the grounds that not so much as 2 minutes after I was in the house, she steered up close to me and said, “Mr. Seymour, you said you could never deny a Girl Scout – might you want to get some Girl Scout treats from me?” I said, “I couldn’t want anything more than to. Girls scout cookies  Would you be able to get me 4 boxes of Thin Mints?” Mom catches the discussion and says to her girl, “Amy, don’t trouble Mr. Seymour with your treats!” Amy says, “However in the workshop Mr. Seymour said he would consistently purchase treats from a Girl Scout.” Mom says, “That doesn’t make any difference, and regardless of whether he was adequately decent to do that he hasn’t space in his baggage to get them home.”

Amy says, “I could place them in a sack for him so he could convey them on the plane with him!” Mom, says, “That is excessively badly arranged for him to need to manage!” I said, “It will not be any difficulty whatsoever.” Mom says, “Amy, no more!” Amy says, “Well imagine a scenario in which I transport them to him at home?” Mom says, “Don’t be ridiculous!”…. What’s more, similarly as she got done with saying it, this look of frightfulness came over her face and she said, “Good gracious, I just invested the entirety of this energy attempting to convince you not to purchase didn’t I?”

That is the issue with a vulnerable side – you can’t see it! You don’t realize you have it. So how on earth would you say you should fix something that you don’t know isn’t right? That is the reason we as a whole need coaches, companions, support gatherings – somebody who will be straightforward with us about the thing we are missing and what we need to fix. Furthermore, we must tune in! Give somebody that you confide in consent to come clean with you. Since, until you uncover your vulnerable sides and fix them, you will make some intense memories pushing forward in your life.

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