Battle of the Golden Egg (Egg Bowl) Football Game – Ole Miss Rebels and Mississippi State University

One of the more noteworthy and high profile yearly match ups during the school football season is the consistently expected scrum between intrastate adversaries the Ole Miss Rebels and the Mississippi State University Bulldogs when they play in a challenge named the Battle of the Golden Egg, or the Egg Bowl as it is usually abbreviated to. Of the large number of competition games with explicit titles and prizes joined to them this specific series that figures out who holds the Golden Egg Trophy for the next year is the 10th most seasoned consistently played contention in all of school football. The life span of this yearly occasion is particularly great while taking into account that it is more ordinary for states on the eastern seaboard to hold American life span records since that space was populated before.

Mississippi State and Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi at Oxford) have been playing each other in football since 1901 however the Battle for the Golden Egg moniker didn’t become mainstream until 1927. Numerous relaxed devotees of the competition are confounded about the meaning of the word egg and expect it to be a southern reference demonstrative of the Mississippi culture. In the example of the Battle of the Golden Egg the word egg really alludes to a football. Mid 20th century variants of footballs were more round than the elliptical molded mechanical assemblies utilized today that have more characterized pointed finishes. The slang term for what turned into an antiquated style football was an egg. Considering an adjusted football an egg is similar to b-ball players considering a b-ball a stone essentially due to the common shape. valentino

The moniker Egg Bowl can be mistaking for two reasons. Notwithstanding the elective importance of the word egg that was examined in the past section the word bowl typically alludes to a postseason game like the Orange Bowl or the Sugar Bowl. The yearly gathering between Ole Miss and Mississippi State is just another standard season game played between meeting adversaries who presently each contend in the West division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), seemingly the best meeting in school football consistently. The utilization of the word bowl is basically used to hand-off the meaning of this significant game that bests other more common standard season contests.

While the two contending foundations of higher learning in the province of Mississippi have been playing each other since 1901 various football students of history just perceive games from 1927 on for the motivations behind clarifying which group drives the Battle of the Golden Egg competition. The year 1927 has been picked as the cutoff since that was the point at which the voyaging Golden Egg Trophy was presented. Taking a gander at figures from 1927 and past shows that Ole Miss drives the series with a record of 53-23-6 against their in state rival Bulldogs.

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