UK Soccer Fans Never Swap Clubs

In the UK it is simpler to get a separation, change your religion, or submit character misrepresentation than it is to change the football club you support. The people who trade clubs hazard being excluded by their loved ones, prohibited from family social events, offended working and hazard conceivable actual viciousness from individual allies.

The vast majority of us get taken to our first football matches by our fathers, uncles or senior siblings. We become taught in our clubs culture and legend. This legend is frequently laced with that of our families own aggregate memory.

To change our club devotion would resemble changing our family.

“Sorry Mum, I’ve chosen to get across the road to number fifteen, they look like champs to me, what have we at any point won?”

It simply doesn’t occur, or isn’t that right? ของฝากแปลกๆ

On the off chance that every one of the children could simply overlook their more seasoned siblings and fathers and be given a decision of what club they could swear their long lasting faithfulness to, where might everything end? Most likely with 1,000,000 children supporting Man United and six putting their support behind West Brom.

Imagine a scenario where the equilibrium could be kept up with. Imagine a scenario where for each child who had to help West Brom by dangers from his father or sibling, one more child compelled to help United however holding onto a mysterious wish to help the Albion, could trade. Then, at that point, the general equilibrium could be kept up with, clubs would in any case, in principle, have similar number of allies.

“Mum, incredible news, I’m moving over to number fifteen, and that little smart fat child you generally appreciated, is yours forever.”

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